New houses: New hopes
from old crafts in the Danube Delta

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17th of May 2017 - Kapra's Blog

Patzaichin and Ușeriu propose solution for the overcrowding in prisons (RO)

12th of May 2017 - Cristina Bazavan, Simpa! -

Ivan Patzaichin joins his forces with Tibi Useriu for the social reintegration of prisoners in Romania (RO)

12th of May 2017 - Cristian China - Birta

What would do you do if an ex-prisoner moves next door to you? (RO)

3rd of November 2016 - Jurnalul lui Chinezu', Kooperativa 2.0 - Human Ecology Experiment with the convicts from Chilia Penitentiary (RO)

18th of October 2016 - Cristian China-Birta

Human ecology: the Chilia experiment (RO)

12th of October 2016 - Kapra's Blog

Experiment with prisoners (RO)

5th of July 2016 - Kapra's Blog

The traditional village from the Delta has been built (RO)

6th of April 2016 - Cristian China - Birta

Ivan Patzaichin supports social reintegration of prisoners

6th of April 2016 - Tree planting activity

On the 6th of April 2016 an ecological activity took place at the Tătaru exterior section of the Tulcea Penitentiary, in the Danube Delta.  Convicts and representatives of prisons and of partner organizations planted locust, cherry, apricot, apple, pear, and walnut trees in the vicinity of the ecological workshops.

Audio release, Bucureşti FM (RO)

Video release, ProTV (RO)

17th of October 2015 - Cristina Bazavan, Simpa! -

Do you want to help the penitentiary system in Romania? Speak to Ivan Patzaichin (RO)

13th of September 2015 - A successful project for Norvegian prisoners implemented in Romania

Video release, ProTV (RO)

31st of August 2015 - Kapra's Blog

An experiment pn prisoners in the Danube Delta (RO)
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