New houses: New hopes
from old crafts in the Danube Delta


The general objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the penitentiaries’ system by facilitating the process of reintegration of former inmates through improving their competencies. In order to achieve that, the inmates are trained in eco-constructions and traditional crafts. The project aims to raise public awareness regarding the need of better involvement of the society concerning the social reintegration of former inmates.

Specific objectives:

1.     Selection and training the inmates in eco-constructions

2.     Building the eco-houses, using local materials and traditional craftsmanship

3.     After completion of the houses, the inmates are to be trained in eco-crafts (for which there is no need of previous formal education, as required for the regular rehabilitation programmes implemented in penitentiaries), such as pottery, carpenting, wicker weaving and agriculture

4.    Training the penitentiary staff for creating and implementing the concept of human ecology detention system

5.    Organizing awareness events in the eco-houses. Their role is to raise awareness regarding this vulnerable segment of population and their need to prepare the for the reintegration, considering a large number of inmates lack minimal education and many of them have difficult family situation which prevents them to properly reintegrate after the execution of the sentence.

Target group: detainees (Roma inmates will be given priority in the selection process and it is expected that they will be more than 50% of vulnerable target group), prison staff, public authorities, civil society, cultural institutions.

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